17 Weeks …..

17 Weeks …..

Teresa here –  how the devil are you this week?

17 weeks …..

So here we are Wicked Wednesday again already, I literally cannot believe how quickly the weeks seem to fly by!

I thought we would put our ‘Positive Pants’ on today and spend a little time looking forward to what may lay in store for us all as we move through the next few months towards the middle of June, when Boris is hoping to have us all out of lockdown and back to living much fuller and more ‘normal’ lives again.  That’s literally 17 weeks away …

Come mid-June – what do you hope you will be wearing?  What do you hope you will be doing?  Who do you hope you will be seeing?  Can you really imagine doing any of these things at all!

This past year really has been unprecedented with so much happening, with so many changes to our normal lives and having to absorb so much information, just to do the mere menial things!

For me, just getting over Covid, I am so looking forward to smell and taste again!  I cannot wait to smell the gorgeous Lillies that always flower just outside my front door, I cannot wait to taste freshly brewed coffee again and flip flops – I cannot wait to wear flip flops again and to feel happy, relaxed and chilled enjoying the sunshine and the outdoors.

I cannot wait to wear some of my Summer clothes again, to have brown legs and rosy suntanned skin.  I cannot wait to enjoy bbq’d chicken, salads and a glass of gorgeously chilled Prosecco while watching the sun go down after a wonderful day spent with my family ….

Writing this email to you I can literally smell, taste and visualise all of the above!

Everything I am writing is making me feel better, more positive, more uplifted and really excited at what the Summer has in store.

It just goes to show how important just sitting, just thinking and just having some time to yourself is.

We have been bombarded, over stimulated, over stretched and worried sick with so much over the past few months, treat yourself to just 10 minutes, 10 minutes of time just for you, just for your thoughts and cast your mind 17 weeks ahead and visualise how different life will hopefully be!

Here’s to 17 weeks’ time and all it promises to bring …..

What have you got to lose?

Here’s to the New Fabulous You!

Have a brilliant Wicked Wednesday and a fabulous week.

Teresa x

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