Happy Birthday to Me!  What a difference 3 years makes!

Happy Birthday to Me! What a difference 3 years makes!

Teresa here –  how the devil are you this week ?

For me, this week marks a very special week!  Three years ago this week I achieved my goal weight and turned the BIG FIVE O!  Yikes, how on earth can I be 50 (now 53) already!  I feel as if I have only just got started with my life!

Losing weight, feeling great and finding the real me has been a revelation and I am now somewhere that
never want to leave.

I am able to wear the clothes that I want to wear and I love the way I look and feel and intend to enjoy and to ‘ROCK’ the rest of my life just as I am!

That all said, I have had many years of not feeling as I am now.  Not being able to wear the clothes I want to wear, not being able to be the real me, but it takes determination, inspiration, courage and damn ‘grit’, to start on a journey you are not really sure about; to go with it each day, each week, each month and to just keep going until you become ‘that’ NEW person.

There were so many good weeks on my way, but there were some bad ones too!  Days when I felt starving, days when I had lost the plot and others when I had lost the will to live and could never imaging getting to where I wanted to be, BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!

When making any change to your life, it is a journey of both actions and mindset.  You just have to learn that these day will happen, but surrounding them will be days that are so amazing and so rewarding!  Days when you feel on top of the world, when your trousers feel looser, when your top starts to look big on you, when the rings on your fingers just want to fall off and then there is that day when you walk along the road and you can literally feel your knickers start to fall down …. YEP that is an amazing day you are evapourating and becoming that NEW person – that NEW person that you really want to be.

So three years on, after much studying, many exams and many hours of coach training, I am now delighted to annouce the launch of my three new Online Weightloss & Wellbeing Courses.

Each of these are tried and tested. They ‘Inspire’, they ‘Motivate’ and most importantly they ‘Teach’ you how to lose weight for now and life long skills that you will be able to use for your lifetime.

They all involve ‘One to One’ Coaching, so we can work closely together over the weeks to help you learn, develop and hone your skils so that you have the confidence and the ability to move forward and to see the changes you want to see!

Simply click the links below to see full details …




To celebrate my Birthday week I wanted to give something back to you!  I want you to feel as amazing as I do, so why not take part in my FREE PRIZE DRAW giving you the opportuity to win a ‘Free New Fabulous You Programme’ worth £349!

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What have you got to lose?

Here’s to the New Fabulous You!

Teresa x

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