Make Every Day Count!

Make Every Day Count!

Life for me recently has been pretty tricky.

My Mum, a huge inspiration in my life, has been suffering with Dementia for a little while, which seems to have been getting progressively worse.

My Mum has been my best friend for my entire life and it has been so hard for me to watch her slowly disappear.  She used to be a tower of strength, of determination, of optimism and was always there to listen.  She never judged, she would just quietly listen to what was going on, give advice and be there to help wherever she could.

She was huge fun too.  She always loved to laugh and always wanted to be part of the fun.  Indeed, there is still an element of that present in her now, which is so good to see.

She still loves chatter and people being around her; she loves hearing what is going on, especially with her grandchildren.

For me I have had to accept that she is slowly slipping away … she still listens, comments and gives advice where she can, but sometimes it now feels that she is sitting in a different room to me and I miss her so much.

A few years ago, she said to me ‘MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT’!  This is now my Mantra.

Each and every one of us needs to take this advice.  Every day you get up, do something that ‘counts’ for you!  Life and time is so very precious and we all owe it to ourselves to ‘LIVE IT’ to the maximum and some!

Just over three years ago I set out on a mission to lose weight for my 50th Birthday.

In the last three years I have completely re-trained me and my brain to think and to act differently around food.

I am no longer a victim of emotional eating.  I no longer hide behind food or use it as an excuse to comfort myself and to overeat.

I now use food to nuture my body, to feed it, to nourish it and to enable me to live a healthy and happy life, feeling the best that I ever have.

Now 51, I won’t use Middle Age as an excuse for weight gain and I won’t ever be a victim to my past eating demons again!

I have learnt how to tackle them, I have learnt how to eat sensibly, healthily and to achieve weight loss and wellbeing in middle age.  I have used no gadgets and no gizmos – I have just changed!

Here’s to making ‘EVERY DAY COUNT’!  THANK YOU MUM X

Let me show you how …. What have you got to lose?

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