Me Time – as in You Time!

Me Time – as in You Time!

So it dawned on me over the weekend that by the time we become ‘middle aged’ our lives have become busy and our free time very short, verging on non-existent supply!

In my case, I am still lucky enough to have 4 parents around, 2 teenage children, 2 adult children, my husband, plus our home, all of which need a degree of looking after, care and support.  Add into the mix any work that you do and you probably have zero time to yourself, in fact probably just when you are in the shower or loo each day and nothing more!

As middle aged women, if we have families and care needs to provide, we are very good at putting absolutely everyone and everything before us!  We can’t help ourselves, it’s our ‘raison d’etre’ and even trying to get out of the habit of this seems nigh on impossible.

Is it any wonder therefore, when we are trying our hardest to follow a new plan and trying to think about things differently, that it is very easy to fail as we simply do not have the time and just when we start to read something, or think about something there’s a question such as – Where’s my school shirt? What’s for dinner? Have you washed my jeans Mum?  AAARRRGHHHH!!!  Your quiet 5 minutes has gone!!

It is also not easy where food is concerned, you might have a family or parents to cook for with all their likes and dislikes – how on earth will what you want to eat fit into the mix of all this!!  And as for the weekends, when everything is slightly ‘off piste’ and best laid plans suddenly get changed, or moved or simply don’t happen!

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the hubbub above and I feel really sad when I think about the days in the future when life will be different, but for now, they are all here and we need to make the most of them, of our lives and trying to fit everything else in around.

But the GOOD NEWS is …. I completely understand, I do the same as you each and every day, but I have taught myself how to work around all of the above; how to get my life and my head into such a place that now nothing phases me and I am now so ‘in my zone’ that it is just second nature and I never think differently about it all.

So this is why The Weightloss & Wellbeing Hub was created to help and support you.  It will teach you, it will motivate you and it will inspire you to make the changes you need in your life in the time that you have available.  The Hub is a community where you can be sociable or not, where you can watch every video or not, read all the written content or not, but it is here for you to enjoy, for you to indulge in and to help and support you.

There is a 7 day Free Trial waiting for you … why not give it a try!

Here’s to the New Fabulous You!

Helping women in middle age find their fabulous selves again!

What have you got to lose?

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