Movement – Not Training Like an Athlete!

Movement – Not Training Like an Athlete!

So I am having a moment of – AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH! – Yep!  I just want to open the window and yell right out of it!  I feel so frustrated and so upset that I am reading – time and time again – about all you middle aged ladies who feel that you need to be ‘training like athletes’ to lose weight and to keep in shape in middle age!

Time and time again I read about women asking ‘how much cardio’ do they need to do each week, ‘what sort of resistance work’ should they be undertaking, ‘how many times do they need to be going to the gym’ each week and what sort of ‘calorie burn’ should they be looking to achieve!!!

NO NO NO NO NO! This post is for us ‘normal women’ who just want to ‘lose weight and feel great’ in middle age as a result of some changes to our eating habits, plus lifestyles – nothing too major, nothing too complicated, but something that works for us in a ‘healthy’ way, that nurtures and nourishes our bodies for now and into the future.

OK, if you are looking to ‘train like an athlete’ that is absolutely fine too and – let’s face it – the Weightloss & Wellbeing Hub is all about change and all about change what makes you look good and feel great.  So if this is you – you dig out and go for it, you will have endless support here.

BUT under no circumstances do I or we put any sort of pressure on you at all, to do anything other than ‘what feels right to you’ and ‘what makes you happy’!

During my weighloss journey I can honestly tell you that I never entered the gym, I never went to an aerobics class, a kick boxing class, nor a zumba (or whatever you call it) type of class; I did some exercise and by that I mean ‘I walked’ not massively at all, but instead of taking the car, I would walk in to town which takes me 20 mins each way tops and that would probably be only once a week!  Also, at that time, I had a desk job, which meant that I would be sitting for circa 7 hours per day, plus my walk to work was – 5 minutes!!!

It is absolutely possible to lose weight and feel great in middle age without having to ‘exert’ yourself exercise-wise to the maximum; you just need a clear understanding of the foods to eat, in what quantities and have a ‘little bit of movement’ in your life!  Keep Weightloss and Wellbeing simple!

Here’s to the New Fabulous You!

Teresa x

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