Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone …

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone …

When any of us decide that we want to try something new we have to think about it, consider our options and then take that leap of faith and step forward – OR – we can just stay as we are!

I guess at certain times in your life, in certain situations, the scale of the decision you are looking to make requires different amounts of consideration.

For instance, buying a new house is a fairly major consideration in terms of the value of it, financing it, job security etc etc.  For this type of decision you could always write down a ‘Pros List’ and a ‘Cons List’ to highlight quickly and fairly easily what your initial and logical thoughts are.

However, when you decide to make a decision to YOU!  The decision that you have to make is a lot more personal, much closer to your heart and you have to be able to deal with those ‘blessed demons’ in your head which goad you and tease you and which just won’t let you believe that ‘YES – YOU CAN DO IT AND YOU DAMN WELL WILL SUCCEED!!’

Any change to your life in terms of Weightloss and Wellbeing take a huge concerted effort.  It requires you to erase years and years of habits and behaviours that have simply ‘become the norm’ in your life.  It requires you to analyse and look at everything you are doing, when you are doing it, why you are doing it and how you are doing it – going back to complete basics and reformatting yourself and your lifestyle from the ground up!

That is literally what I had to do after years for ‘Yo-Yo Dieting and Excuse Making’ I decided that I wanted to change – yep and at the ripe old age of imminently 50 too! – and I literally went back to basics and relearnt all my food, drink and lifestyle habits all over again!

But that is the beauty of having a Coach and becoming part of a Community, we are all here to ‘slay those demons’ with you and to give you – first hand – our knowledge and experience to encourage you, to help you and to motivate you.

We are here on those ‘Tricky Days’ when you literally cannot get going, or get your head straight, or think of anything new to try and we are here to celebrate with you on what YOU have achieved, whatever the ‘win’ is for you that week, be it weightloss, mindset, movement or just a story to tell.

We are here, we are your Community, keep us close to your hearts.

Teresa x

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