Why Us?

Why Us?

NoLongeraFatty.com is the brainchild of Teresa Mays, a Nutrition & Weight Management Coach, plus Specialist in Behaviour Change Therapy, trained by one of the most reputed weight loss enabling organizations in the world.  

Besides her professional training to help you achieve the weight loss targets you have for long desired, what better qualifies Teresa as your wellbeing coach is her insights, acumen and firsthand knowledge she gained during the course of her own inspiring personal weight loss journey. Not only did Teresa achieve weight loss goals after being overweight for the better part of her adult life, she did it at the uncommon age of 50!

Incepted in 2019, Teresa now empowers people like you to embark on a similar life-changing weight loss and wellbeing journey, through an inspirational, guiding and motivating online platform in NoLongeraFatty.com

The Weight Loss & Wellbeing Hub - You Could Be Our Next Success Story!

The information available on the Weightloss & Wellbeing Hub is hugely informative, interesting and uplifting. It is a fabulous resource to have that I can quickly and easily log into – day and night. I really enjoy being able to contact Teresa and The Hub with any questions that I have and for any extra help, support and information that I need. Thank you!


December 2019

I contacted Teresa and the No Longer a Fatty! team as I was inspired by Teresa’s journey and experiences and I am so glad I did! She understood instantly what I was thinking and how I was feeling about myself. Straight away she suggested some small and simple changes I could easily make to my daily routine. These we have further tweaked and changed as the weeks have gone by and as I have got used to eating differently and to being supported by The Hub. With the support from Teresa and the team, plus all the information available on the Weightloss and Wellbeing Hub, I have felt constantly inspired and supported and am definitely going to use these to make the changes I want to make to my lifestyle for the future.


December 2020

Thanks to the coaching, information, ideas and support received from Teresa and the No Longer a Fatty team, I now realise that I am in control and I have the power to change my life, my diet and how I feel about myself.  You do not have to accept who you are even in middle age, you can change and I am loving my journey so far and long may it continue…


November 2020

Not Just ‘Another’ Weightloss Website

Been there, done that! 

Teresa achieved significant weight loss goals at age 50, after being overweight for most of her life. You will learn from someone who has been there, done that! Having helped hundreds of people achieve significant weight loss since her own personal transformation, Teresa continues to hone and perfect her skills as a weight loss coach!

Professional Training

Teresa’s online platform incorporates expertly curated workout, nutrition, mindset and motivation training. You will receive training and guidance that produces results, period.

Lose the Weight & Keep it Off!

What makes NoLongeraFatty.com really different from your average weight loss website is that it doesn’t just teach you how to surely lose weight, but also helps you access motivation, inspiration, guidance and habits that allow you to keep that lost weight off, forever. Seek results. And seek results that stick for life.



Here’s what a few of our immensely satisfied members have to say about us!

  • I was really struggling and literally yo-yoing from good weeks, to bad weeks, to even worse weeks, but Teresa and the team have helped me put a stop to that! They have worked alongside me and are there when I need that extra support. I can contact them easily and receive a response straight away. Thank you for being there and for looking over my shoulder, I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring!


    September 2020
  • I am so happy to be able to write this for you to read and to thank Teresa and the No Longer a Fatty! Team for their help and continuous encouragement. I started to work with Teresa in the late Summer 2019 and at that time I felt lost, completely lost. Like Teresa I had battled with my weight for most of my adult life and despite MANY attempts to change and to do something about it, I just never managed to do it. I have tried every diet under the sun, but just couldn’t stick at it for anything more than a few weeks. I would then fail, feel like a failure and the vicious circle would begin all over again. But no more, thanks to Teresa and the No Longer a Fatty! Team – I HAVE CRACKED IT! I have now lost weight, feel absolutely great and have all the skills and tools I need to stay focussed, in shape and on track for the future. The entire team have been brilliant, friendly, patient and so very helpful – thank you all.


    January 2020